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Periodontal Therapy – Plattsburgh, NY

Protecting Your Gums and More

Periodontal therapy is a collection of techniques specially used to help patients who have periodontal disease, better known as gum disease. This is a bacterial infection of the gums and bone that support the teeth, and it is actually the number one cause of tooth loss around the world. Whenever you come to see us, Dr. Michael T. Davey and our team will screen your gums so we can treat you as soon as there are any signs of a problem. Do you have gums that are red, swollen, tender, or bleed often? If so, you may already have the infection, so be sure to contact us for treatment today.

Why Choose Michael T. Davey DMD for Periodontal Therapy?

  • Deep Cleanings That Remove the Source of Infection
  • Able to Soothe Sensitive & Bleeding Gums
  • Fast & Painless Laser Gum Therapy

Scaling & Root Planing

close shot of smile being scaled

Scaling and root planing is a special treatment used to clear away plaque and tartar located deep below the gum line to battle gum disease, which is why they are sometimes collectively known as a “deep cleaning.” They may be used if you haven’t had a regular hygiene visit for a long time or have developed calculus (hardened plaque) around the roots of your teeth.

With scaling, we’ll use an ultrasonic cleaner to break up plaque and tartar deposits on your gum line, and then root planing will be used to smooth out the rough surfaces of your teeth’s roots, making you less likely to develop serious gum disease in the future.

Soft Tissue Laser

soft tissue laser on smile

Thanks to modern dental technology, we’re also able to effectively treat gum disease using a soft tissue laser. This instrument utilizes an extremely concentrated beam of light to instantly eliminate harmful bacteria located along the gum line without harming the healthy surrounding tissue, making the treatment very comfortable. Also, it can be used to painlessly remove infected tissue as well. The laser itself creates very little heat, noise, and sterilizes as it works, making it one of the most patient-friendly tools we have.